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Powery - the battery people

Powery offers high-tech components to enhance the mobility of your digital devices. Our batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and external power supplies have a high quality and are optimized for high performance and a long life cycle.


Rechargeable Batteries

Powery rechargeable batteries are characterized by a high quality and an extended life-time. We only use high quality, tested and certified brand cells. Our compatible components often have more power than the original ones.

powery rechargeable batteries


Powery chargers are characterized by an exellent build quality and special security features. This prevents the destruction of rechargeable batteries by overloading or overvoltage. Our chargers are CE certified, which means they comply with the existing health and safety requirements of the European Union.

powery chargers

Power Supplies

External power supplies from Powery are available for 220V, 110V and as a car power supply for 12V. Powery guarantees that these products comply with the highest safety standards. All external power supplies from Powery are CE-certified.

powery power supplies


Powery LED products offer a high level of performance, low power consumption and a brilliant light. The power consumption of our long-life LED bulbs is reduced up to 90% compared to conventional incandescent bulbs, LEDs are environmentally friendly to operate and easy to recycle.

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